Thursday, 26 July 2012

Conflict of interest? Only for the whites...

Meet Mick. 

Two participants at the Summit

If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know he's the pale fellow on the left.

A man of many talents, Mick is an Aboriginal Elder, Traditional Owner, Business Owner and also holds several important positions the Indigenous Industry.  He is on the Board at Mt Buller, the Board of Native Title Services Victoria (NTSV), and a Council Member of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council (VAHC).

Not bad for a man who didn't find out he had Aboriginal heritage until he was 25.
Since 2006, groups all over the state of Victoria have been scrambling to achieve what is known as 'RAP' status  (which stands for Registered Aboriginal Party).  Having RAP status is a pretty big deal.  It allows the group granted RAP status the right to be involved in Cultural Heritage Management of a particular area.

So what is this Cultural Heritage Management?

Well, let's pretend for a moment that we're a Property Developer.  We purchase a large parcel of land on which to build a housing estate, and begin the necessary steps to get approval.  Part of this approvals process involves getting a CHMP (Cultural Heritage Management Plan), and for this, we need to approach the local group who have RAP status.  They will in turn, send out someone to come and assess the land, and prepare a report.  If any Aboriginal 'artefacts' are found on the land, a CHMP sets out how these 'artefacts' are to be managed.  This can involve anything from having to pay site supervisors (from the RAP) to come and oversee the work while it takes place, to moving them to a local museum, to just ignoring them - and everything in between.  It can be a long, often expensive process or alternatively, it can be a joke.  Sometimes, it's both.

The original promise of the Aboriginal Heritage Act of 2006 was to allow Aboriginal people to be involved in preserving their heritage and culture, to provide protection to our most sacred sites.  The reality is, in most cases, it has done completely the opposite. 

To apply for RAP status, you will need to engage the assistance of two specific groups.  Native Title Services (for help getting the claim off the ground) and second, the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council (who make the decision on who does, and does not, get RAP status).   You may be surprised to know that many of the successful RAP applications that have gone through to date have come from 'Traditional Owners' who serve on the boards of one or both of these organisations.  Conflict of interest?  Ah, thems just whitefella words.

Is it any wonder so many of our pale-skinned, so called 'Elders' or 'Traditional Owners' also classify themselves as experts in Cultural Heritage, and often have side businesses that are dedicated to managing it for a hefty fee?

Mick, as we discovered earlier, is part of the NTSV and VAHC cheer squad.  His 'Taungurung' people received RAP status for a large area, originally applying for land from just outside Healesville, all the way across to Euroa and taking in places like Mansfield, Broadford, Lancefield, Kilmore and Heathcote. Mick has claimed often and with great passion about his strong connection to country and has spoken emotionally about the dispossession of his ancestors from their 'cultural home'.  Surprisingly, it is a place he today, chooses not to live.  Instead, you will find him living in Gippsland,  far away from his 'stolen land'. 

If you have a spare few minutes, I highly recommend this video interview by Mick:-

Don't be fooled by the Message Stick in his hand.  Like most Fauxborigines, he's using it wrong and paying it no respect.  It is in his hand not for some deeper spiritual or cultural reason, but, as a prop to fool unwitting watchers into believing this guy knows his stuff.  Cultural credibility that he manufactured in his own workshop, no doubt.

Note also the Possum Skin Cloak draped across his knee.  While happy to crap on about the patterns on the cloak, Mick is not so forthcoming in this particular interview about the ancient techniques used to create such a piece of art. Luckily for us, his clan were more than happy to oblige:-

(I can't be sure, the picture is just a little unclear to make out, but, I believe what we are seeing here is the use of the electrical burning device, made famous by I believe Ngyumbanirr Pyrographic  back in the 1400's.  Again, to ensure cultural authenticity, just like we used to do in the old days, the skins are from NZ possums)

I remember an Elder once sitting down with me, many years ago, and talking about a possum expedition they made in her youth.  In their bark canoe, they travelled for 40 days and 40 nights until they finally reached Auckland, surviving on what little rainwater they caught along the way and the meagre rations of berries and nuts they took with them.

Once in Auckland, they spent a full week hunting and gathering skins into the night and early hours of the following day - each of them sleeping only four hours before resuming the difficult and laborious job as soon as first light would hit.

When they had 40 skins, they rested.  The following day, they loaded up their canoe and attempted to set off with their haul into the wide blue expanse.  They got no more than a few feet out when their canoe began to take in alarming amounts of water.  Again and again they tried, always with the same result.  Furrowed brows ensued and debate raged about how best to get the precious bounty back home.  That is, until one of the Elders stepped forward and proclaimed 'Let's just take a fucking plane back!'.

See how easy it is to spin a little cultural bullshit?  All you have to do is waffle. 

I like how Mick waffles.  Most Fauxborigines, when talking about their heritage or culture, will often resort to this very same trick.   They talk in circles, often spending an inordinate amount of time describing small, inconsequential things.  Like a shield they once saw, or an Elder they spoke to.  Often, they'll use a small smattering of an Aboriginal language they've revived in a windowless room in a University to punctuate their speech with more credibility.  It is quite an art form, but ultimately, they do horrendous damage to a culture they have no right to speak of. 

How much are you truly honouring a culture when you step on tradition to make a buck?

For all those Elders out there, who stay on their country, devote their lives to making their communities a better place, who worry endlessly about their people who are suffering, I take my hat off to you and offer nothing but my respect and support.  For too long you have sat unnoticed, uncared for, and unrecognised while self-appointed opportunists claim you don't exist and step in to take your place.  It is time to say, no more.


  1. BST you just gotta take this out on the road to inform the true Aboriginals of what is happening to them{As they dont have internet}Its time for your people take back what is rightfuly thiers from the gubbariginal identity thieves,go BST were right behind you.
    PS you i think you need a fighting fund,set it up and I will be among the first to tip in.

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  2. Nemesis, it might be happening sooner than you think. You're right, a lot of Aboriginal people don't access the internet (well, the city Fauxbos do, and I like giving them shit on my blog), but those with TV's tend to watch a lot of SBS, so I'm headed there next week to go on one of their programs.

    From there, who knows?


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  3. Oh dear, I could only watch a few seconds of Mick the Magpie; what delusional people take him/them seriously?!! More power to you to exposing this despicable gravy train.

    Great blog, thanks.

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  4. Excellent article mate, you are doing a good thing for your people here I hope you have success, nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a 'White' person stand up and say they are Aboriginal when they are not, what they have is some Aboriginal blood running in their veins so they should know and understand that part of who they are, even become involved in their mob with the understanding of their place in that culture.......but as I see it if you look in the mirror and you see a white face then the image is not lying.......your white.


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  5. Great article, I couldn't agree more, however I hope you have very broad shoulders and have someone watch your back!. As you say, very few remote dwelling aboriginal people have any idea about the amount of indigenous money appropriated by urban indigenous and unfortunately even fewer watch SBS. By the way hopefully you will be meeting a couple of my mob on that show.
    One question that perhaps you can get answered for me. I blog fairly regularly and question the aboriginality of many city dwellers. I am consistantly told that despite not looking aboriginal they live a contemporary indigenous life. However, when I ask for examples of any distinctive indigenous cultural practise that sets them apart from their european neighbours and identifies them as indigenous they tend to disappear from a blog.
    If you ever get a chance, perhaps you could get an answer for me. And at the same time ask them how their conscience is going knowing the money they divert to their programs could be used toward helping reduce the appalling level of sexual abuse in remote comunities.
    Keep up the great work

    1. Big Nana, I laid awake last night wondering the same thing. How do these people live with themselves? When we have kids being sexually abused & kids going hungry, how on earth can a white, metropolitan identifier think that they are even entitled to one cent of Aboriginal specific funding?

      I hope I get the answers to our questions and I promise you I will keep one eye open for those I know are coming...

    2. Larry Pickering wrote a piece on this Facebook page a while back which I found very good.

      An aboriginal city-living centrelink-trained university-degree (which was funded-by-centrelink) holding friend of mine jumped into it and called everyone who agreed with him racist.

      I don't why she can't see the issue with how much some communitites miss out/are deprived. Her children were teased and beaten at school because they said they were aboriginal - which is unacceptable - but that doesn't entitle them to special treatment (Aunty Me would have been at the school like a shot to complain had she lived near them!). I'm a redhead and was teased and picked on at school, where's my compensation? (I was bashed, too.)

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  6. Your words have long been called for.
    Maybe its your time or maybe the Machine will stomp on you.
    Its my hope that others will rise and support you.
    Stregnth and good luck Black Steam Train.

  7. Thanks to each of you who have offered your support. To not be alone is a comforting thing.

    1. BST all you have done is state the obvious abuses by individuals who have, I suggest, a poor self image and need some sort of recognition in life. It is very sad that this has happened. It is also sad that the system allows this for fear of retribution. Thank you for putting matters in perspective. Your dry sense of humour would translate well into a book,which I hope that you will write. Best regards.

  8. As a 100% white Anglo-Saxon (British heritage but multi-gen Aussie) I congratulate you on having the guts and integrity to take the stand you are.

    Your story on Mick reminds me much of the tactics of the current crop of “Climate Change” freaks - take the high moral ground, speak as much bullshit as possible (always tell big lies; more likely to get away with it) and and go for the Grant Grab Gravy Train for all you're worth, bugger the results if any.

    We (meaning Your Average Aussie) have seen the Aboriginal Industry steal funds for their own gain, successive political parties throw money at those who don't need it, all while maintaining Political Correctness for the sake of votes.

    All this while those who really need assistance are happily ignored by all except the very rare individual such as yourself who's willing to put his head on the chopping block and speak up.

    If you're appearing on SBS (or anywhere else) PLEASE put it up on this blog and give us time to tune in.

    Watch your back but keep up the good work.

  9. BST I am Australian like you and tip my hat as a mark of my respect for you.

  10. You are a brave man, BST. Good and brave man.

  11. BST, I'm sure you will be amazed how much support you'll get from main stream Australians. Great blogging, keep at em, and all the best.

  12. "How much are you truly honouring a culture when you step on tradition to make a buck?"
    BST, I'd put it to you that you'd be honouring the age old traditions of all grifters, hucksters and carpetbaggers, because nothing is so sacred as liberating suckers of easy money.
    Australians haven't woken up to the fact that caring and valuing doesn't equal throwing money at a perceived problem; Pascal Bruckner describes this beautifully in his "Tears of the White Man" (really worth a read if you can find a good translation). It's like giving the stinky beggar a dollar to save yourself the embarrassment of having him follow you in the street ; at its root it is an act of contempt.
    There's little doubt that many Australians of Aboriginal descent suffer from significant social and economic disadvantage and that this is, indeed, a blight on our Nation. There's little doubt also that most of this disadvantage has been caused by Government interference in the lives of these people. The Aboriginals have been kidnapped by the Government and have been held to ransom since. The kidnappers, however, are replete with contempt for their victims so they have created a big money buffer between them and the objects of their contempt and the Fauxborigines have taken advantage of this.
    The Government has created a problem and via it's multifarious organs has generated a Guilt Industry. This Industry has worked to produce a perceived guilt and White Australia placates its conscience with this "I-gave-at-the-office" mentality but cannot put enough people on the ground who really care. Ultimately this enforced giving generates a contempt which is reciprocated by the gradual development of a culture of entitlement. This is the great tragedy of state welfare over private charity; welfare springs from the cold hand of Government and breeds contempt and entitlement, charity springs from human compassion and breeds and fellow-feeling and gratitude - charity is organic, welfare is mechanical.
    So Whitey can't put enough caring and compassionate people on the ground, but the people at ground-zero are either too welfare-addled or unskilled or both to make a difference; and it's these unskilled but willing people who need the education to take control of their lives and wrest it off the Government.
    Education is the ONLY way forward. It is the nature of this education which will be critical. The fact that another mob of grifters, hucksters, carpetbaggers and charlatans and cultural relativists have hijacked education in this country does not bode well.
    The light at the end of the tunnel is that because the whole political class are ardent statists it is likely that two decades hence we may all be enjoying the same degradation as many of the real Aboriginals today.

  13. Back in the late 1990s, shortly after Pauline Hanson had received a lot of publicity, one family came forward on TV to tell their story. It was a blended family. Husband and wife each had a teenaged daughter from previous marriages or relationships, and they were similar ages. However, the wife was "Aboriginal", and therefore her daughter was also "Aboriginal", although the blood line was dilute that, for the life of me, I could not tell which of the girls was supposed to be Aboriginal. Yet the family described, in great detail, all the government benefits that she was entitled to, which her sister, who was in the same socioeconomic situation, was not.
    Most of us whitefellas have not problem at all with expensive government schemes to assist the genuinely disadvantaged, and if that means more money goes to blacks than whites, so be it. But we get a little cheesed off watching the loot being creamed off by people who look the same us, and appear to be living the same lifestyle.

  14. Well said BST. As you probably know Andrew Bolt had tried to expose this con-job for a few years until those on the gravy train decided to silence him for being 'a racist'. Since then of course there's no way any white fella would dare speak out about the issue so it's great to see that you are. What a sad world we live in where white folk who speak the truth and expose fraudsters are classed as racists while those who pose as indigenous to claim the benefits are labled trailblazers.

  15. I found your blog through a link on Andrew Bolt's blog and I'm glad he posted it. Your voice deserves to be heard. All the best to you and yours.

  16. BST, love the way you write, sense of humour with home truths thrown in, I will be a regular reader from now on... you are already in my favorites. Cheers.

  17. Great work Dallas. We need someone like you to speak up. Keep up the great work.

  18. I have just been watching the clip of Mick. Sadly, there are a lot of Micks out there.

  19. Great blog you have here.
    It's nice to see someone not afraid to speak out about the bleedingly obvious.

    It really fills me with hope that maybe a culture I know nothing about will likely one day be explained to me by a white, 'Spiritual Aboriginal'. This will be a good thing since my family has lost its culture and I don't have many black friends who understand (having lost their culture too). On my father's side of the family there is an aboriginal ancestor, but the line is only able to be traced back to my great-grandmother - who was half-caste.
    At various points in time my grandmother's generation onward have claimed to be Mediterranean, Polynesian and occassionally Aborginal (either to further education or get a government job or business grant). The sad part about it is that these people grew up in a time when Aboriginal descent was not that was a good thing to advertise. So it was easier for them to lie about that part of the family heritage, than admit to it, and ocassionally take advantage of the system when it provided a way for them to get ahead (which was a pittance compared to todays funding) . Like you say elsewhere in the blog, it's not the same to see service denied to a black person, than it is to suffer that same denial of service day after day. Which is what gets to me when people like Bindi Cole and other white-skinned aborigines get their feelings hurt when someone 'throws a coloured stone' at them.
    These folk, like myself, have enjoyed the privileges that come from being raised as educated whites. The difference between them and myself seems to be a romanticised idea of what Aboriginal and Aboriginal culture is. Where those folks can black-face and throw around the notion of the noble-savage at one with mother earth and the Rainbow Serpent, I can only scratch my head and say I honestly don't know, since the side of my family that has some coloured blood is ashamed of their dark secret. If I was to go on experience then all I have is a white person's perspective of black people in the low socio-economic area I grew up in. In that case they weren't that different to the whites except some of them were more likely to be well known criminals (as opposed to lessor known white criminals) subject to regular police attention and others could only afford to go to university on the merits of being Aboriginal and face that kind of condescending critiscism if they were seen as tall poppies.
    Personally, I wouldn't know what that was like, being raised white. What I do know is that even a lie that is told for generations doesn't change who you are. It is the enviroment you are raised in. When you are raised privelleged and educated you are shielded from some of the unpleasent realities of real life. One of those things being that, no matter how culturally and spiritually devoid you feel that your privileged upbringing has left you, stealing (also known as identifying with) somebody else's heritage doesn't entitle you to help yourself to any 'benefits' that come with 'identifying with' that culture.
    I have to wonder is 'Aboriginal' heading down the same path as 'Native American'?
    Anyway, thanks again for speaking your mind.

    1. IYce thank you for such a thoughtful comment.

      I see myself as having many privileges that lots of my other relatives didn't get. I was raised by white foster parents, and I am so grateful every day of my life that I was one of the lucky ones, that most members of my family didn't care that my foster mother was white. That she was a good person and she loved us kids, those were the important things. My parents had problems with alcohol and I am grateful they made that hard choice to give me a better life, if I had stayed on the mission I don't think I would have finished school and there is a good chance I wouldn't be here today.

      I don't think I should be entitled to extra help just because of my race. I should be entitled to help if I need it, and so much money that could be spent helping more needy people is wasted on having an inefficient and wasteful double up of services that focuses on race and not need.

      I think it is great when people tell me that they have a distant Aboriginal relative, but I hate it when that is all they identify with. I hate it even more when they then go on and profess to be some sort of expert on Aboriginal people and culture because of it. Not all white skinned people who have some Aboriginal heritage in their background are like that though, most of them are just everyday people - it is an interesting part of how they came to be who they are but it doesn't consume their lives and become their entire identity.

      I don't know if we will head down the same road as the Native Americans are on with identity, but what I do know is that at least there, they are able to have open debate on the issue. We should be able to do the same here and I would hate to see only Aboriginal people be allowed to speak about Aboriginal issues. Some really great ideas and important questions that make people think have come from people of every race.

    2. BST thank you for your straightforward common sense! I too (like a previous commenter) came to your blog via Andrew Bolt's blog and I salute you for your courage and honesty. I pray that you will be allowed to continue to comment and speak it as it is.

      Your comment above expresses exactly how I feel about the whole "race" issue. I am fed up to the back teeth with it and wish we could just treat people as individuals not as groups labelled "victims". Offer people who need it a "hand up" not a "hand out" regardless of their identity.

      Bless you, BST!

  20. Great stuff BST. As a 100% whitey, I admire your great honesty. I too have come to your blog via Bolt’s. We need your voice to be heard far and wide. Be strong and of good courage.

  21. Well said and said well BST. The exposure of white carpet baggers appropriating the money meant for genuine Aboriginal people should be condemned in no uncertain manner. Thank you for saying it. Thank you also for a spontaneous belly laugh when I read how best to get "the precious bounty back home".

  22. This is thought-provoking and is relevant to the blog posting in a way...

    A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood or Certificate of Degree of Alaska Native Blood (both abbreviated CDIB) is an official U.S. document that certifies an individual possesses a specific degree of Native American blood of a federally recognized Indian tribe, band, nation, pueblo, village, or community.[1] They are issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs after the applicant supplies a completed genealogy with supporting legal documents such as birth certificates, showing their descent, through one or both birth parents, from an enrolled Indian or an Indian listed in a base roll such as the Dawes Rolls. ...

    Some tribes have begun requiring genealogical DNA testing, but this is usually related to an individual's proving parentage or direct descent from a certified member.

  23. Food for thought here: "An individual recognized by the federal government as being registered under the Indian Act is referred to as a Registered Indian (commonly referred to as a Status Indian)." (Canada)

    and here: (some good links)

    1. IFC - do you release that if (as by BST standards) a dark skin Aboriginal woman by these rules (the Canadian model) in Australia married a white man that she would lose all her claim to being Aboriginal?!
      Is this truly representative of what being Aboriginal is all about. Should she be from Gippsland (Gunnai/Kurnai) and married a Western Victorian Aboriginal man (Gunditjmara) she would lose any claim to her birth country Gippsland.

      There are rules and then there are 'rules'.

      Australia could quiet possibly go down this track then we would have easily a mob like the Metis.

      So in reality BST could quite possibly be denied his own Aboriginality. I would not want this to happen to anyone.

      I think it wrong to do this but I understand BSTs frustration. Why he has frustration I'm unsure?

      Just my thoughts

      Jason King

    2. Jason, I only skim read the links but if you can point me to where it says a Canadian Aboriginal person loses their Indian Status because of marriage to a white person, I'd really appreciate it. As far as I saw here - it seems unclear that would actually be the outcome - under the 'who is eligible' part, it seems that is not the case now but perhaps was in times pasts?

      For the record, I have been denied my Aboriginality. It was an eye-opening experience and you'll be happy to know that I have made several recommendations to the organisation responsible in an effort to help them fix up their processes.

      Why am I frustrated? You've been to Lake Tyers haven't you? What is happening to the people there is not right and it is happening all over. Where is the progress for these people?

    3. Dallas
      Thank you.

      The lose of identity was from those I was able to speak to last year when I was in Canada.
      The locals from Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg all stated the same line - the issue was women marrying out of Aboriginal heritage.
      I'll find the contacts and send them on.

      LTAT - my dad worked out there in 90/91 (he died in May 91). So what can we do to try and help LTAT. Some would say that people must help themselves but having said that - where to start?? I more than willing to come out and have the conversation.

      You're on tomorrow night Dallas?


    4. Jason, I respect your willingness to talk and I thank you for that.

      I have to say I did cringe a little when you said that people must help themselves. Not that I disagree with that statement, but I think it hurts some good people who don't deserve the label, and I am very protective of them so tend to react strongly on this. So forgive me in advance for what may at times seem like anger. It is passion that gets ahead of my ability to say things exactly right.

      The biggest problem at the moment is the Government control. Since 2004 they have handled everything from housing to funding to control of the community assets.

      The people are cut off from accessing mainstream services unless they have a vehicle and a license. Not that many people there do, the ones who do mostly try to help others, but they can't do it all. It is a long hike from where the people live to where the closest bus stop is - 12klms or so, and you wouldn't want to do it in the dark. Until a few months ago, there was the bus owned by the Trust that used to ferry people to Lake Entrance and back to do their shopping and run their errands. It now sits in a shed behind a padlock.

      My Uncle decided earlier this year to round up all the kids and take them up to a shed full of bikes that needed just small repairs. All the kids helped, got the bikes back up and running then Uncle took all the kids out for a ride. They did this for quite a few days, going out riding all together. Then my Uncle was all of a sudden sacked from his job and his keys were taken away from him. The bikes were locked up again.

      People are trying to help, and they are being shut down by an Administrator acting on orders from the Government. Every good thing that is started is squashed or set up to fail. Like the Breakfast Program. If you walk in to the kitchen and read what they say they do, you'd think things were great. If you went there when it was time for Breakfast or talked to the ladies who get up early each day to cook and make sure all the kids eat enough (residents, lots of them really care about the kids and do help where they are allowed, that being the key word, allowed) you would quickly realise that they have not been trained to prepare 95% of the hot food, and because the stove is so old that it has no readable information on the dials, when they have given it a go, they have either injured themselves or burnt the food and copped flak for that.

      The leases for the houses on the Trust land were all transferred to a company called CHL. The Government did that. Now what is happening is CHL are slowly constructing very poor quality homes and demolishing the old houses as they go. I've stayed in one of their new homes, one they even feature on their website, and they should be ashamed of the shoddy work they do. I was in the building industry the best part of 20 years, and two apprentices in their first week could do a better job.

      There are a lot of problems, and I think people need to sit and listen to the residents. Everyone has their story of what has happened to them at the hands of the Administrators and the more you get their stories, the more you will be able to get the whole picture.

      If you're willing to help even a small gesture is a good start. That is all I am asking for.

      Yes, my ugly mug is on tomorrow night. You may see another familiar face in the crowd. If you bump into him, ask him about the bikes ;)


    5. Dallas

      Can we catch up on Friday?

      Love to have a chat/yarn/talk with you.

      I know another person in the crowd on TV now - Todd Fernando, young fella.

      Did you have a chance to speak with Bess and David Price from NT?

      CHL have the contract for GEGAC housing too. Something that we are looking into too.... very willing to help with that too but I know Uncle Barry doesn't like working with GEGAC...


    6. Jason,

      Can you send me through a message on Facebook and we can try to set up how to make that happen.

      I didn't get a chance to meet Todd but he seemed like a good kid. He did speak a bit but I didn't see hardly any of it make it to the final bit that showed. I met both Bess and David - a highlight of the whole trip - they are both great people and I can't speak highly enough of them.

      There are always ways around people not wanting to work together, you may have to walk the tightrope but remember I don't. GEGAC did a lot for my Dad, and I will always remember that - I myself have had bad experience with Co-ops but that doesn't stop me from working together with anyone who is genuinely trying to make things better.


  24. How is it that you can speak that way about somebody, but when Andrew Bolt does it he gets sued? Seems like only Aboriginals have free speech!!
    Shouldn't you be sued in the same way Andrew Bolt was, since you are questioning a man's Aboriginality, just as Andrew Bolt did? What a joke!!!

    1. Scott, I think everyone should be allowed to comment and say exactly what I am saying, regardless of skin colour or race. I don't believe free speech should be available to Aboriginal people only - but you are right when you say that the lack of cases being brought against me is unfair when you consider Mr Bolts court case.

      Perhaps you can notify some of the people I have discussed to advise them to launch legal action against me for my comments? Otherwise, you are right. Our laws are a joke.

    2. If there was no money involved how many 'Fauxborigines' / pale-skinned 'identifier' would there be. I think that the American/Canadian rules that specify who is entitled to call themselves Aboriginal people is the way to eradicate the imposters and opportunists that are corrupting a well intentioned law. If there was a strict rule, of say an authenticated 25% blood rule to qualify (for that person only, not 'transferable')that might help. The Canadians have certainly got this nailed to stop abuse of the system to stop benefit abuse :

      This blog is a breath of fresh air. I'm in the UK so I can call these pale-skinned 'Aboriginal people' white imposters freeloading on the backs of the real Aboriginal people. It is a terrible thing to lose the freedom of speech, but that's what has happened in Australia because of these white imposters. Using their premise I can go to Norway and claim to be Norwegian, or I might be Irish or Scottish. On another day I might feel French. What a joke it has become.

    3. Wrong, Scott. It is not only Aboriginals who have free speech. Everyone has free speech, unlimited but for one caveat - if you are white and not of the correct ideology you must not say anything that may offend an approved class of Victim.

      BST, great blog. Seriously. The automatic connection of racial or religious identity with a particular class of Vitimhood is both a scourge to genuine victims who have that identity and a bottomless bucket of benefits for those who can pick their identity to suit their preferred flavour of victimhood.

      Keep speaking your mind. There are plenty of Australians who can't, many (prominent like Bolt, insignificant like me) who agree with what you say but can't speak publicly about people like Mick without the fear of job loss or law suits.

  25. You make a lot of sense BST. You write well and it is so refreshing to read a sane argument about these issues. You are a brave man and obviously care about your people a lot.

  26. All power to your pen BST.... you have a talent to speak for those silent voices we know are there, but are unheard.

  27. I admire you for taking this stand and hope that you have many people backing you. It's a disgrace that money which should be going to people who are less fortunate is going to imposters.

  28. Hi BST,

    Thanks for taking the time and having the strength to write your articles. I am not aboriginal but am so angry about the way so many young black children and black women in remote parts of Australia are still being abused and assaulted.

    It seems to me that so many influential urban Australians (white, black and faux) seem more concerned about seeming rather than doing - and the rest of Australia is simply going along for the ride, unsure what to say lest they be yelled down as being racist.

    I would really be interested to know your views on the stolen generations issue and how it has or has not impacted on child protection measures in remote communities in 2012. Specifically, are some at-risk black kids not being protected in the same way white kids are because protection officers are scared of being accused of stealing another generation.

    Your writing style is excellent and greatly appreciated by my wife and I as we have shown your blogs to our teenage children who have had to endure so much of the stuff you rightly ridicule in school.

    Thanks again.

    1. Maurie, I can answer that question for you. I was a paediatric nurse in the Kimberly and Darwin for 30 years and can assure you that child protection is definately affected by the "stolen generations" issue. Aboriginal children are left in appalling conditions that would never be allowed for white ones, simply because there are very few suitable indigenous foster carers and child protection officers are reluctant to put these children with white foster carers in fear of being called racist and being accused of creating a second stolen generation.
      In one case a terrible tradgedy occured because a young girl was left with her carer, who happened to be her indigenous aunt, despite concerns being raised about her living conditions. She was left to die alone in the dirt like a dog because child protection had been told that to remove her was to bring back the stolen generation. If you have a strong stomach you might like to read the inquest into her death. I have provided a link but be warned, this is horrific stuff.

    2. Maurie - I couldn't have said it better than Big Nana. We've gone too far the other way, culture and connection to kin or community (even when that community or kin is dysfunctional and has no capacity to meet the needs of the child) is now more important than meeting any sort of standard of care.

      No child (of any colour or race) should have their culture come before basic human rights.

  29. Your writing and storytelling is wonderful and reflects the humorous undertones which are so often found in the aboriginal spirit. I must admit my suspicions were aroused when the biblical expression of 40 days and 40 nights was intertwined with aboriginal traditions.

    I agree with Maurie, it would be interesting to hear your views on the Stolen Generations. My mother, as a child during the late 1920s and early 1930s, lived in Bourke where her parents tried their best to help deserted and mistreated children. My grandfather and the local policeman would check along the riverbed every morning to make sure there were no abandoned babies and also collect any children who may have been left outside the local hospital or police station. These were rescued children and my grandparents opened their home, provided a bed, bathed, fed, clothed and cared for them until my grandfather was able to drive them to Dubbo. The intention was to enable authorities to find suitable safe accommodation. They had no future with their people, these children were not wanted. My grandfather (a third generation Australian from outback Queensland) moved to Sydney in 1940 where he took an honorary position which enabled him to continue working with disadvantaged children from the outback. Most were in need of health care or a vacation and many saw the ocean for the first time. My mother also assisted in a voluntary capacity.

    Their intentions were noble. It was a great disappointment and extremely hurtful to have so many voices, of all colours, declaring that evil intent was the only goal. We should accept that some worked for good although not all.

    No rose coloured glasses here - nobody denies discrimination was real and abuse did take place. But it also existed in the attitude of some full blooded aborigines towards those of mixed blood. We can't change history or expect today's standards to apply retrospectively to past generations. I think we will also be judged harshly in the future. Our endeavour should be to make tomorrow better, which is actually what so many in our past were also attempting.

    Help, especially for the young in remote communities, is so essential. I believe a general lack of understanding of aboriginal issues is responsible for the inability to make any real difference. We need to all listen to the advice of people like you.

    Please keep writing and encouraging debate.

    1. Cal - The 40 days and 40 nights was a leg pull. Same with taking a bark canoe out on open water, the whole story was a complete work of fiction, and I meant no disrespect to any religion. Borrowing a little from here and there just helped to fill it out.

      I've thought about talking about the Stolen Generations but it is not an easy topic to cover in a few short paragraphs or even an entire blog post. I don't sit at either end of the belief scale (I don't agree with the side who say it was widespread and government policy to 'breed out the black', nor do I find myself able to agree with those who say no mistakes were made and there were no stolen children) and this makes it difficult as I don't want to just take a side but rather provide a bit of background as to how I've come to see things the way I have.

      One thing I will say is, that I am glad you have shared your story and I am sure that the children (some, if not all) your Grandparents helped will forever be thankful that someone cared. It must be devastating to have such hatred directed towards your family when they were only doing good, and for that, I am very sorry. I was one of the lucky ones who had caring white people like my foster parents come into my life and make a difference and I am thankful for that every day.

  30. What about this one?

  31. You're doing a great job BST... it's abotu time this stuff is spoken about.

  32. Good on you for having the guts to speak out BST.No child, regardless of background, should have their very background get in the way of proper care.That there are some willing to put identity issues above the fact that we're all human beings and should be treated as such, is a travesty to say the least, it is an abomination.The crap needs to stop so that human needs are put first.Then we'll perhaps see better outcomes for ALL.

  33. Black Steam Train,

    You are a champion! I am looking forward to tonight's SBS Insight programme on the topic of aboriginal identity.

    Keep up the good work!

  34. So when I was growing up I used to get told by the black kids I was too white to hang out with them, and by the white kids that I was too black to hang out with them.

    Looking at me, there is no way I can get away with not being a blackfella. My mum is from Longreach, her grandfather was a full blood and her grandmother a Canadian Indian, so we've got double black flowing through our veins, she's about as dark as you Dallas, but my dad... well he's the first to admit he's so white sometimes he looks pink, but that never stopped him from teaching me to love my Aboriginality.

    I grew up with my culture, and even though I didn't fit in with the white kids or the black kids I always had my mum singing me songs in our language that her mother taught her, we were a family lucky enough to not have anyone taken away as my nan moved far into the bush away from society and didn't move back into town (Rockhampton then) until the 70s.

    She hated being treated poorly, and never went to school, so she made it her mission to send all 7 of her kids to good catholic boarding schools. She scrubbed floors of banks, she was a housemaid, she did everything you could imagine to make sure her kids were not treated like her by an oppressive society. My mum is a professor at a University, my uncle is a law professor, another used to dance with Bangara, a journalist, a watch maker, a builder, etc, but that doesn't mean they got there without trouble.

    I give full credit where and when it is due to people who call themselves Aboriginal and stand up for the rights of our people when they could just as easily ignore it and go about their business never being discriminated against, because it's hard living day to day with predjudice. I take that credit away when they claim it, then get what they want, such as being a big fish in a small pond, scholarships, money etc and then snub their noses at blackfellas they see. There were a few of those on Insight with you the other night.

    I don't agree with everything you say Dallas, but I admire you for speaking out your truth.

  35. Thanks Dallas, just discovered your blog and laughed so hard reading about that canoe trip to Auckland. On a serious note I am so relieved to find saner voices in the national conversation at last.
    After 15 years working in Indigenous health in the NT(there's plenty of money in Indigenous disadvantage), my views have swung around some what. I no longer believe that we just have to understand social determinants, put things in reverse, and restore all that was taken to resolve the issues.
    The narrative needs change, new stories need to emerge - with real hope of improving those troublesome stats we keep hearing at the start of our conferences. The current narrative and policy framework you so adequately challenge is not changing anything.
    Keep it up bloke

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